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The Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company is made up of a combination of both active and life members. They are all volunteers who provide the residents of Chincoteague Island with fire suppression protection, search and rescue and emergency medical services. These firefighters are dedicated men and women, young and old, who work year round for the best interest of the community and surrounding areas. Their efforts provide debt free modern equipment that matches any that you would see in any large city. All during the year the members work hard at keeping their equipment in top notch condition, work tirelessly at the famous annual carnival and take care of the world famous wild pony herd that inhabits the neighboring Assateague Island, all while still providing 24 hour emergency support service to the entire community. Between drills, maintaining certification and the above mentioned it is easy to see why the great American Volunteer Firefighter is becoming a dying breed. These men and women keep alive a tradition that is disappearing from the landscape of this great nation. For 88 years now the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company continues to serve and Lord willing, will continue.

Harry Thornton Harry S. Thornton, Chief
Member since 1973
Denise Bowden Denise Bowden, PR Spokesperson
Member since 1992
Billy Joe Billy Joe Tarr, Treasurer
Member since 1979
Ollie Reed Ollie Reed, Rescue Captain
Member since 1971
Nathan ClarkNathan "Skibo" Clark, Chief Engineer, Assistant Chief, Member since 1976 Ronnie Malone, JrRonnie Malone, Jr- President   Member since 2010
CathyCathy Repsher - Secretary Member since 1998

2015 - 2016 Officers

  • Ronnie Malone Jr, President
  • David Jennings, Vice President
  • Billy Joe Tarr, Treasurer
  • James Russell, Assistant Treasurer
  • Cathy Repsher, Secretary
  • Kevin Holloway, Assistant Secretary
  • Harry Thornton, Chief
  • Nathan "Skibo" Clark, 1st Assistant Chief
  • Denny Savage, 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Nathan "Skibo" Clark, Chief Engineer
  • Rick Betts, 1st Asst. Chief Engineer
  • Andrew Olsen, 2nd Asst. Chief Engineer
  • Roe Terry, Public Relations Officer

Pony Committee (Salt Water Cowboys)

  • Bobby Lappin, Chairman
  • John Lewis - Co-Chair
  • Harry Thornton
  • Nathan Clark
  • Roe Terry
  • David Savage
  • Edwin Taylor
  • Eddie Thornton
  • John Bloxom
  • Wesley Bloxom
  • Rick Raymond
  • Ronnie Malone, Jr
  • Will Catlin
  • Chris Bowden
  • Hunter Leonard
  • Jimmy Lewis (H)
  • Gene Merritt (H)
Recent News


April 7th Southern Herd starting approximately at 5:00pm

April 8th Northern Herd starting approximately at 8:00am


June 23rd (opening night) & June 24th

June 30th & July 1st (fireworks at 10:00pm with rain date to be announced if needed)

July 7th & July 8th

July 14th & July 15th

July 21st & July 22nd

July 24th through July 29th

Pony Penning Week 2017 Schedule

July 24th Beachwalk at Assateague (Ponies leave North Corral at 6:00am)

July 26th Pony Swim (Time to be announced)

July 27th Pony Auction at back of Carnival Grounds starting at 8:00am

July 28th Swim Back (Time to be announced)

July 29th Raffle Prizes to be given away at close of carnival that night

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